Damn good tool by Dvasive– John McAfee

Omerta Information Security – Rotterdam, The Netherlands




For the lovers and the Haters, but seriously this is the pretty cool to have tool!




Stop Being Spied On!

Everyday more and more invasive apps are being released. These invasive apps want to silently turn on your microphone to record your voice as well as turn on your camera to video record your activities.
D-Vasive operates in a unique way, allowing you complete control in managing your internal hardware. So that way, when a potential malicious application tries to open your Camera, Mic, Bluetooth or WiFi and spy on you, D-Vasive lets you know, and lets you completely lock them down.



Alerts when your Camera, Mic, Bluetooth or WiFi are activated by another app. Flag various services to receive visual and audio alerts when apps attempt to access them.


Lock your Camera, Mic, Bluetooth and WiFi so nothing can access them. With a touch, instantly disable all of the above hardware devices that might otherwise compromise your privacy!


Scan and list installed and system (pre-installed) apps on your phones, showing you what permissions each app requires and how they affect the security of your privacy.


Click the notification and D-Vasive runs a Proximity Scanner, notifying you which app is accessing your Camera, Mic, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Try it before you buy it and get in control!

If you want to scare the sh*t out of somebody download the app in de Google play store for your android device. Have some fun, and you’ll see how often your camera or microphone is opened even if you closed all the programs. The program will give you a pop-up and alarm you when the Mic or camera is opened without permission.
try it out on Dvasive.com for PC or Android, oh almost forgot….and all have greetings from Uncle John!