CISS (cybersecurity it stupid simple)




Rotterdam, The Netherlands May 25, 2015


Hacked, Hacked, Hacked!

Todays headlines are dominated by yet another breach, day in day out. ¬†Nevertheless the last years we havent seen much change in cybersecurity strategies. But thats about to change, there are quit a few¬†promising new security products on the horizon. If your in Cybersecurity and you follow the news like an professional, you know. If you don’t know, just google for promising cybersecurity products and you will end up in numerous lists, yours to pick one. Check for containerisation, read something about decentralisation and off course keep your eyes always open for Encryption methods, the Math behind it just works! (be aware of a good implementation) But if you havent got the knowledge, or your company simply doesn’t have any funds or budgets available for it, we maybe have a way off stopping at least some crooks.

CISS – cybersecurity it stupid simple


Strategy – rethink your architecture
Maybe you are better off with a cloud provider for your services, make them responsible for your data. Do you need those installation files on that old server available just for the ease of use? plenty of examples to give here. But simplifying or revoking some hard- and software will make your life much easier.

Hardening – Browser – Linux – Windows
Google for “Hardening” and do it for your browsers and OS’ses

Internet security.Laptop and opening safe deposit box's door.

Time management – yes please laugh :-)
If you don’t monitor your stuff and you are not doing any business overnight and you are not an international company over timezones, rethink your online 24 hour footprint. So close down services if you can… Not everybody needs to be online 36 hours per day!



Make your staff aware of incidents, make them part of your problem. SMB’s have the power to have short lines between all departments, use them!

I know, some of these “solutions” are too simple too easy or a little naive. But at least they will be effective! And i will mention it again, there are some very good bloggers on Cybersecurity, very good vendors in Cybersecurity, follow those guys. Eat, speak and sleep Cybersecurity!

I you are still not sure what to do, Hire a professional!


Remo hardeman
CEO Omerta Information Security